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The Outdoor Tall Lace Up Ugg Boots are designed to have greater durability than our existing lace up design. They have been most popular among campers, as the stitched rubber sole provides longevity and resistance to heat and cold.

These boots sit just under the knee and can be worn over or under pants. They are adjustable due to their laces, and are the ideal outdoor boots!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Kat S
      Excellent products and service

      I bought the outdoor hiking boots and these are fantastic…warm with a thick outdoor sole. The initial size I bought was a little small (I didn’t quite read the instructions properly) but they had a new pair made up within a week, as promised. I love them and plan on spending the winter in them! :-D

      Thank you so much for reviewing our Outdoor Boots. We are delighted to hear that you are so happy with them and know you will enjoy the warmth and comfort for winter. Enjoy! From the team @ Australian Ugg Boots

      Kerry Hansen

      Love my new boots so comfortable and warm

      Thank you so much for your review of the Lace Up Tall Boots! We are thrilled that you find them comfy and warm. Enjoy!

      Honest Review

      I got a size 10 tall lace up UGG in raisin.
      I got what I had ordered but it's a very large sizing. I would say it's about a woman's 11/12. It's very big and that's not ever a problem I run into so I'd suggest people check the sizing guide or order a size down. You want it to be snug because they will stretch a little (about half a size) I'm considering ordering an 8 because it is that much bigger. I have almost an inch spare from toe to tip in the 10s.
      I also received black laces not raisin laces (not a big issue, I'll ask for raisin laces with my return and I'll let you know how it goes. If your ordering maybe make a note and request it.)
      They are very quick with the response, very kind, all instructions are easy to understand and done in the one email. Service is good. Mistakes happen and I'm not upset with the laces I'd just be happiER with the raisin ones. I am not an online shopping professional. I hate online shopping but these guys have worked hard to make a great service. I ordered express late at night and they were there (interstate mind you) within 3 sleeps. So if you order during business hours you'll probably get it even quicker than I got mine.
      Now for the shoe. I love the colour, good stitching and the soles of the shoes are stitched to the boot (which is fantastic because it means they won't seperate from the boot like my old pair of UGGs I bought at a different shop did) the soles are hardy and with a bit of scotch guard on the top I would happily go feed the chickens in them. I truly believe these will last longer than just one season. My ex bought a pair in black and his have lasted over 5 years.
      I would recommend the outdoor pair for anyone like me that lives in their UGGs during the cold months and the soft sole for those who only use them indoors on occassion. They are indeed good quality and the company has also been delightful to work with so far. I'll let everyone know when my correct size arrives and I'll drop another review...simply because I take my UGG boot purchases quite seriously and I love a review that tells me everything.
      I would recommend the shoes and company to others.

      Thank you for your comprehensive review! It is very helpful to other customers and us. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts.


      Happy with the boot's great quality product.

      Thank you very much for the review Sue, we are so glad you are enjoying your snuggly Australian Ugg Boots!



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