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Australian Made Christmas Gifting at its best!

Australian Made Christmas Gifting at its best!

Christmas gift ideas can be a struggle for some but Australian Ugg Boots makes it easy for you. With a fabulous range of Australian Made Ugg Boots for Women, Men & Kids and some gorgeous Sheeps...

Melbourne Fashion Week Tips - How to style your Australian Ugg Boots

Melbourne Fashion Week Tips - How to style your Australian Ugg Boots

Ugg boots, those cosy and comfortable sheepskin boots, have become a fashion staple for many. So comfortable in fact that we want to wear them outside and not just in!

Australian MadePair of Black short ugg boots with an Melbourne IceBar co-branded label.

Corporate Branded Ugg Boots - Good for Business & Company Culture

Branded Merchandise is a great way to foster a Strong Company Culture. Support locally made, quality products and businesses in your Branded Merchandise Strategy. 

Fluffy sheep in a paddock

Give your Ugg Boots new life with these amazing Sheepskin Innersoles

Sheepskin Innersoles are not only a fabulous way to refresh old Ugg Boots, they are also excellent for those people who want a little extra cushioning in their new Ugg Boots.

Australian MadeMan standing near wall wearing Australian Made Men's Outdoor Ugg Boots

Father's Day 2023 | Your Guide for choosing the Perfect Australian Made Gift for Dad

Looking for something extra special for Dad for Father's Day this year? What could be more perfect than some Aussie Made Ugg Boots? Warm his feet and his heart with a pair of genuine Australian She...

Australian MadeFeet imprint in sand - Guide to finding the correct size in Australian Ugg Boots

Australian Ugg Boots | Guide to Finding the Right Size

Measure your foot, following the instructions and then use our Size Guides to choose which size is right for you in the AU size column. There is a Size Guide for Women, Men, Kids and Infants.