Give your Ugg Boots new life with these amazing Sheepskin Innersoles

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In the current economic climate it can be difficult to buy new things for ourselves no matter how desperately we might need them. We sometimes have to look around and make do with what we have. We can choose to re-fashion and re-purpose older items. This can be positive for both our hip pockets and for the war on waste! 

Ugg Boots are fantastically warm and cosy for our feet. After time though they can wear down somewhat inside the heel area. When the boots are perfectly fine all over except the heel area is a bit worn they can be less comfy and cosy. Don't fear there is a fabulous solution - Sheepskin Innersoles. These are inserts that you put into your Ugg Boots to provide a little more heel cushioning. Australian Ugg Boots produces these at our factory in Melbourne's Braeside so that you can get use out of your Australian Made Ugg Boots for many years to come. 

Sheepskin Innersoles

Sheepskin Innersoles are not only a fabulous way to refresh old Ugg Boots, they are also excellent for those people who want a little extra cushioning in their new Ugg Boots. If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, this extra layer of cosiness in your Uggs can be a wonderful thing. 

So before you toss your old Ugg Boots out, take a look and see if they can be re-purposed. If they can be saved you can get your hands on these wonderful Sheepskin Innersoles for $24.50. Your feet and your pocket will thank you. If you are able to afford a new pair but your old ones can be salvaged consider putting a pair in before you take them to the Op shop - the new owners will be eternally grateful!

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