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5 Reasons why Ugg Boots are the Ultimate Winter Essential

Two women arm in arm walking along Melbourne pier dressed in winter gear and Ugg Boots

At Australian Ugg Boots we take our Uggs seriously! We love our Australian Made Ugg Boots and cannot imagine life without them. There are various styles for all year round but our focus here is on why they are the 'Ultimate Winter Essential' so let's get to it..

1. Versatile 

Ugg Boots are perfect for indoors and can be worn outdoors also which makes them a fabulously versatile choice for winter. Our Australian Outdoor Ugg Boot range are made with a more durable rubber sole which makes them resistant to extreme temperatures. If you are looking for some water resistance the Maverick, Premium Leather and Aviator are good options to consider. They're the perfect choice for the ultimate camping adventure. 

2. Stylish

There are Ugg Boot styles and heights to suit everyone. There's the Mini, the Ultra Short, the Short, the Short Deluxe, the Tall and so many more. 

Ugg Slippers also provide an alternative to those that like more of a slipper style. There are many styles of Ugg Slippers also - slides, scuffs, moccasins and the list goes on.

There are an array of colours available - Chestnut being one of our most popular, through to Black, Navy, Sand, Pink and most of the colours of the rainbow! 

3. Comfortable & Warm

Australian Ugg Boots are made with genuine Australian Sheepskin which makes them extremely warm and cosy. Sheepskin is a great insulator so perfect for those Winter months. Sheepskin is a lot more durable than synthetic alternatives. 

4.  Affordable

When you consider the longevity of Australian Ugg Boots the price becomes even more affordable. Some of our customers have told us they've had their boots over 10 years! Wearing them as often as you do, especially in winter, further justifies the price. Starting at less than $100 for genuine Ugg Slippers makes Australian Ugg Boots very affordable.

5. Australian Made

Australian Made Ugg Boots are Handcrafted in Melbourne using high quality Australian Sheepskin making them the Ultimate Winter Essential. Manufacturing Ugg Boots in Australia is very important to us and something we are extremely proud of. Our Bootmakers are experts in their craft. Being Australian Made also means our shipping times are not as long and we also ship from our Braeside Factory in Melbourne.  

So now you're convinced that Australian Ugg Boots are the Ultimate Winter Essential, the only thing to decide is which pair is right for you!

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