Protecting your Australian Ugg Boots

Protecting your Australian Ugg Boots

When you first get your Australian Ugg Boots it's a great idea to protect them with a Sheepskin Protector. Available here for $22: It is important to follow the instructions so that you protect the Ugg Boots correctly. The instructions are on the back of the Sheepskin Protector Bottle so you can familiarise yourself with them.

You will protect your boots from oil and water drops - you will make them Water & Oil Repellant. 


Step 1 Give the Sheepskin Protector Bottle a good shake.

Step 2 Spray the boots from about 25cm away. Spray them all over until they're wet but do not saturate. Once sprayed they will need time to dry.

Step 3 Place them in a shady spot, out of direct sunlight, so that they fully dry before wearing. The water & oil repellent properties improve with longer drying times.

Once dry the boots can be worn and will be protected from drops of water and oil. It's important to note that the boots will be Water Resistant not Water Proof - so don't go jumping in puddles in your Uggs! 


Clean your boots first with UGG Woolskin Shampoo, available here for $22: Allow Boots to dry before treating with the Sheepskin Protector. Once dry - follow the instructions above for the Brand New Boots.

Looking after your boots is important so that they last for years to come and always look lovely. 

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