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Sleep and lounge!

Theres nothing worse than that dreaded walk of pain to bed knowing your tootsies are about to freeze up as you take off your cozy and warm uggies.

Well no more to that! We have made your winter dream come true - never take your uggies off even in bed! Welcome to our all new sloungers! Whether you’re lounging around or sleeping these little rippers are guaranteed to keep your feet toasted all night long! You don’t have to take them off. No soles, no binding, no gluing; just a whole lot of natural sheepskin wrapping your feet with a bit of ribbing to hold them around your ankles! Howzat!!

Made In:  Melbourne, Australia

Made from: 100% double faced sheepskin; individually hand-picked.

Made By: Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd

Ribbing: Acrylic, Polyester & Spandex

Position: Worn like a sock; ribbing sits at ankle

Use: Indoor only; for lounging around or sleeping

Sizes: (Small) (Medium) (Large)


Small (Size 5-6) – Your barefoot should not exceed 23.0 cm

Medium – (Size 7-8) Your barefoot should not exceed 25.0 cm

Large – (Size 9-10) Your barefoot should not exceed 27.0 cm

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