Colours & Sizes

Everything you need to know to ensure you select the right size and colour for your footwear, all on one page.

Measure your foot, following the instructions at the bottom of this page. Then use our size charts to work out which size is right for you.

We also include a diagram so you can pick your preferred boot height, and your ideal colour.

Ugg Boots Size chart for UK, AUS, EU, USA with foot size


Large Sizes Ugg Boots Size conversion chart

Kids Ugg Boots Size chart for UK, AUS, EU, USA

Ugg Boots size chart for babies and toddlers

Guide to ugg boot heights and styles


How to measure your foot?

Measuring your foot for the perfect Ugg Boots fit


Your bigger bare foot (usually your right) length measured from heel to top of the big toe. The best way to measure your foot is to place your bare foot against the wall, use a pencil to mark the top of your toe and the bottom of your heel.

Unlike other ugg boots, our footwear runs true to the size, thus if you are a half size you should order a size up. For example, if your bigger bare foot measures 24cm them you should go up and order size 7 (our size).

This footwear is designed to be worn barefooted to maximize the cushioning and warmth of sheepskin.

We do not make half sizes. If you are normally a half size, then go UP half a size to a full size - See size charts above. Should you still be unsure please contact us.