Reviews Content Guidelines & Terms


In short: Play nice

We will remove feedback that violates the following policies:

Personal / confidential information: Don’t post reviews that contain your or another person’s personal information, including phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, phone number, etc.

Advertising: Don’t use reviews for advertising, self promotion, or to highlight a competitor. Don’t post URL’s (web addresses). Reviews should be a genuine reflection of your experience with us.

Keep it family-friendly: No obscene, profane, offensive or hate-speech. No sexually explicit material.

Threats: We’ll also remove anything looking like a personal attack or threat on another.

Off-topic: Don’t post reviews based on someone else’s experience, or are not about your experience with us. Reviews aren’t meant to be a place for political or social commentary or personal rants.

Spam: Write a genuine report of your experience with us.

Conflict of interest: We don’t allow reviews of from our own employees or family members. We don’t offer money for positive reviews about us or negative reviews about competitors.

Illegal content: Don’t post reviews that contain or link to unlawful content.

Copyrighted content: Don’t post reviews that infringe others’ rights – including copyright.

Impersonation: Don’t post reviews on behalf of others or misrepresent your identity.