Highlander Short Ugg Boots

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Our Highlander short ugg boots are our playful ugg boots which everyone would love to have just to pat and cuddle. They are a mid-calf range boot that are embraced with long wool sheepskin on the front panel. This is double the warmth, double the softness and double the snugness. If you’re a trendsetter, these are the boots you want to be wearing – guaranteed to stand out!

Made In:  Melbourne, Australia

Made from: 100% double faced sheepskin; individually hand-picked.

Made By: Australian Ugg Boots Pty Ltd

Eco Friendly: Yes

Sole: Lightweight EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)

Height: Approximately 24 cm from ground up

Position: Mid- calf area

Use: Indoor / Outdoor

Worn: With or without socks

Feature: Long wool sheepskin on front panel

Sizes: 3 to 13

Colours: Sand & Black

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