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Men's ugg boots for sale

Classic Tall Classic Short Mini Boots Retro Desert Hiking Sole Short Breezer Classic Tall Lace Up Desert Boots
Classic Tall Classic Short Mini Boots Retro Desert Boots Hiking Sole Short Breezer Lace Up Desert Boots
Kalu Slippers Mens Scuffs Big Sizes          
Kalu Slippers Men's Scuffs Big Sizes          

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What does Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Russell Crowe and many, many, many other celebrities have in common? Other than being celebrities, they all wear ugg boots! Yes, there is such a thing as men's ugg boots and yes they are just as amazing, comfortable and jazzy as women's uggs are.

Mens ugg boots are no big news in Australia, as it all started with our Aussie sun burnt surfers using them to dry and warm-up after having the surf of their life. It took Australia's women almost a decade to allow themselves to be seen in public with their "soft like a cloud" ugg's, but they got there eventually too.

So here it is, it is now official, we can now declare it loud and clear: ugg boots are not just for the ladies. Ladies!!!

Imagine this ... you purchase a pair of men's ugg boots for your gorgeous metro sexual (or at least this is what he thinks) new boyfriend, thinking you will at least shock him, if not surprise him with this unusual gift. He tears the rapping with his body building muscles and pink heart tattoo and all you see is his mouth wide open and pearly whites sparkling, but he says nothing. Say something you think or maybe you actually said it because he does, "Hmmmm what are these?". The voice in your head grows louder and louder "let him try them, if he is the one, he will understand, try them, try them", the voice doesn't stop. And then it happens, from no where you kneel down, take off his shoes (the ones you are sure his ex bought him for Christmas last year), slip off his Mickey Mouse socks (you learn new things every day) and slip on the black size 14's and say, "Will you marry me?" Oops, did you say that out loud? He takes both your hands, pulls you up, leans to the right and then to the left, makes one step to the front and two steps to the back and suddenly ... he got it! His face says it all, he got it! With heart-filled delight he says ...

To end this story in an appropriate manner, all we can say is that they live happily ever after and both were seen in public, not once, not twice, many many times wearing a pair of our Australian made ugg boots.

Items that would go well with our short story and fit any man, would be classic short, hiking short, all our ultra short range, mini range, retro desert boots, kalu slippers, men's scuffs and many more. Colours you may wish to consider when purchasing men's ugg boots are: Chestnut, Chocolate, Grey, Sand, Black, Navy Blue.


Eva soles Up to size 12AUS Mens, 12 UK, 47 Europe
Hiking sole Up to size 12AUS Mens, 12 UK, 47 Europe
Big sizes range From Size 13AUS Mens, 13 UK, 48 Europe TO Size 16AUS Mens, 16 UK, 51 Europe

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