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Buy ugg boots online - Delivery to Melbourne

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Classic Short Classic Tall Dance Kids Ear Muffs

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Looking for ugg Boots in Melbourne? Well, you are at the right place.

You can start your purchase here. We are located in Melbourne and you may sometimes receive your ugg boots as fast as 48 hours. You may also purchase directly from our factory outlet and enjoy our factory reduced prices.

Australian ugg boots have been made in Melbourne for generations; it's where it all started.

Through all our years, we always kept Melbourne as our base, our production lines, our main office, our customer service, our packing and shipping depot. All here in Melbourne.

Often referred to as the fashion capital of Australia, we like to refer to Melbourne as the Australian ugg boots capital. Ask any Melbournian what are their favourite shoes? What makes them feel at home when they are away? The answer will be ugg boots.

Having 4 seasons in one day (and this is for real) ugg boots in Melbourne are worn all year around. It is not uncommon to have low temperatures during summer nights and it is not uncommon to walk into a Melbourne home and see everyone from Grandparents to the new born baby wearing their favourite uggs. Don't be surprised to spot them at the wonderful beaches of Melbourne. Yes, in Melbourne, beach and ugg boots do go hand in hand or should we say feet in feet? Melbourne and ugg boots make the best pair, we here by declare.

So where will you get your pair? Wether you are a Melbournian or a tourist calling Melbourne home, a student coming to be exposed to the wide range repertoire of culture and art, or just passing by having the time of your life, you can always purchase your favourite pairs on our website where you can find all our products. As all our ugg's are dispatched from Melbourne, you will receive your pair in no time. We will even deliver to your Hotel room and call it our ugg room service.

If you want to go directly to one of our shops, give us a call at (03) 9580 9696 and we will direct you to the closest one – you can also email us at to get directions or for any information you wish to receive.

So up you go, get yourself a cosy pair of ugg boots today, and always remember to check our special online sale this way you might grab yourself a great Australian bargain as well.

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